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tv   [untitled]    April 29, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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the agriculture community, who have been working hard to think about how san francisco will move forward our agenda around urban agriculture. i look forward to this conversation with all of you. supervisor campos: submit. supervisor mar: colleagues, today i am introducing with mayor mayor lee legislation that will help our parents and parent-teacher organizations support their local schools by exempting parking lot fundraisers from being taxed by the city. i want to think co-sponsors supervisor kim, olague, avalos, chu, and farrell for joining me. i want to thank our treasurer and jason elliott from the mayor's office. this important legislation is the product of about three months of work in conjunction
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with michelle parker. and parents from the middle schools. we have all crafted legislation that we think will allow such parking lot fund-raiser events to flourish, and to protect the meager dollars raised by parents in these schools and schools throughout the city from being taxed. it helps parents in the school fund-raising. we are looking at other schools, to be working with them for event fundraisers like parking lots. parent teacher organizations hold special parking events on local school parking lots to raise supplemental revenues for their school. currently, san francisco business and tax regulations code requires these events be taxed at 25%. this creates an unfair burden on
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the volunteer organizers of these events, parents staging them for the sole goal of enriching their schools. this will help allow more of these events at schools. it also allows volunteer parent organizers to reap the full benefit of their efforts. the school of san francisco should do everything possible to help our families and children remain in the city. this legislation is helpful to parents going above and beyond to ensure their schools are adequately meeting their children's needs. i'm not to think the treasurer for joining me in this important legislation. i am introducing a resolution today that, along with the department of the environment, 6 approval for associate membership in the home mortgage finance authority. it will help homeowners seeking energy efficiency improvements in their homes in the richmond
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and throughout the city. it allows san francisco residents, by joining the authority at no cost to the city -- there will have access to the low-interest loan program. it is an alternative to tax lien financing for homemakers. in 2010, i offered an ordinance passed by the board which approved our sustainable financing programs in the city, and provided tax lien financing to residential building owners to perform energy efficiency improvements. that program was unfortunately suspended for homeowners when the federal housing finance agency in 2010 blocked the implementation of such programs around the country. by joining the rural home mortgage format -- authority, we will help bridge cost barriers when performing energy assessments and retrofits.
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it helps and in this recruiting new, green jobs, going after the expiration of federal stimulus funds. the city is currently using block grants to incentivize homeowners to conduct energy efficiency of grades. i urge your support. i wanted to remind people that the budget town halls are continuing throughout the city. the one from my district is coming up on wednesday tomorrow. this is at the san francisco county fair building. please join us. we would like to hear from richmond district residents, but also residents from district 5. a happy day for outer richmond residents is saturday. we are cutting the ribbon and unveiling the new lands and lookout, which is one of the most beautiful places on the edge of the world.
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it overlooks seal rock and the club house restaurants. it is a 2400 square foot structure that is incredible. we are having a community celebration at the visitor's center. there is also going to be music and refreshments. it is from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the edge of lands and in the city, in the richmond district. i want to thank the park service for listening to outer richmond residents as they created the best terms and the structure. it is the place we can learn about the first peoples that were here in san francisco. it is a tremendous educational institution that will allow children and families from throughout the city and beyond to learn about our sustainable environment and all the great programs we have. please join us for this celebration on saturday. also, and wanted to congratulate
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the early childhood education folks for their walk around the block and around city hall today. it is the second annual what advocating for early childhood education. families, child care providers, and truck here centers throughout the city -- there is a week of activities going on. i urge you to join me in supporting that and the commissioners as we advocate for early education throughout our city. i think the rest i will submit. thank you. >> thank you very much. i have two things i would like to do. first, i would like to close the board out in the memory of lawrence clark, who was a long- time san franciscan, recently passed away. he was a resident of district
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11, but close to many communities in san francisco. i would like to call for a hearing that will begin to help the city family put together a strategy on what the southeastern neighborhood is going to look like, particularly paying attention to the loss of the redevelopment agency. i am curious to know what the city is thinking, and what are the next steps. i am calling for a hearing on the status of resources dedicated to the southeast section of san francisco. -- supervisor cohen: supervisor avalos: thank you, madam clerk. one of the things i have been doing to support my neighborhood in these budgetary times is i have been investing a very few dollars in community development work, brilliant residents, community-based organizations,
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and leaders together to do neighborhood planning, working to develop structures to support residents of our neighborhoods. we have been working with a group of organizations and leaders in the moi -- omi, as well as the excelsior district. the omi has been having a great run. recruited a grant-making program where we would allocate up to $50,000 total grant money to do community projects like supporting senior lunch programs, workforce development programs for youth. we of unsuccessful in getting more people engaged in community work. in the excelsior district, we put money to do some neighborhood planning around workforce development. the groups involved have been the filipino community center. there are people organized to
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demand economic rights. there are advocates for children and youth. out of the work, they have put together a report, putting the pieces together. in district 11, we have a very different type of work force development problem. we do not have any real work force development programs in our district. we have a working-class community, lots of labor households, but no real engines to get people from the neighborhoods into the jobs that exist elsewhere in san francisco. we also have a lot of immigrants who live in the district. we have to find work force and employment models that can serve immigrants, many of whom -- many of whom are undocumented. this report provides a lot of food for thought and recommendations for the city. i will be introducing a hearing on this report that we can share. hopefully, we can do a little bit more funding to support efforts around employment
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development in parts of san francisco in parts of san francisco that have not had a great deal of support. i am hoping that this will impact the budget process that is rapidly approaching. that is the extent of my comments. >> that concludes roll call for introductions. president chiu: why don't we go to general public comment? >> now is the opportunity for the public to address the board for two minutes for items within the jurisdiction of the board, including those on the adoption without committee reference calendar, but excluding items or reconsidered by a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. if a member of the public would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please clearly state such, and remove the document when you want to return to coverage of
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the meeting. president chiu: two minutes per speaker, unless you are translating into a different language. >> [speaking arabic]
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ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. our supervisor -- in my hand, i have copies of the agenda for today. i would like to thank madam clerk. i have here, as you see, my name repeated three times. each time there is a complaint, i make it. again, it is the people who try
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to take advantage of me. today, i have 70 years and four days. i am thinking god for that, that i still survived with what i have about my heart. in the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, our supervisors, i have always said my sisters and brothers, if you forgot me i never forgot any of you. i love you. even if i give you a hard time, i give you a hard time for my country, for my community. i have another copy i give the mayor and his security. the lady who works with him, olga, promised he was coming tomorrow at 4:00 to our building to share our community meeting. let me see how many of you will be with us tomorrow. campos, you coming tomorrow as
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you promised me, 4:00? i understand many of you would like to come. after that, i would like to see my children, my family, be waiting for me. 2012 is my last year in america. after 30 years, i leave here. i never had a problem with the police. i never have been arrested. then i was. i am a nice guy for this country. i love every one of you. god bless you. thank you very much. stick with this lady here, and help her. president chiu: thank you. if i can please remind people to direct, and to all the members of the board and not individuals. >> stop the corporate rate of the public library. do not give money or accept
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money from the friends of the library. when i get up here to talk about the library, the real story is about what happens to our institutions when they are run by our increasing government by private partnership. the public library is interesting, because it is presumed to be our most democratic institution. yet it becomes a public-private partnership, and no one wonders about the destruction of democracy. the public library has become the worst example of what happens when our public institutions are converted to the purpose of maintaining class barriers and promoting the influence of corporations and private money. there is no accountability for the public money that is spent at the library. there is no accountability for the private money that is raised. there is no accountability for were the private money goes. there is no accountability for the sunshine and ethics
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violations that allow them to operate with impunity and in secret. city hall itself is enslaved by private money. the corporations paid for the chairs. not only is that what they do at the public library, but they will tell you so to your face. it is all about private organization. the only benefit the so-called fund-raising buys is influenced in city hall who. if -- is city hall. the only ethics is lifeboat ethics. the difference between running a society primarily for the rich is that the harm is that the lies cost more than the money.
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president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i do not know if everyone can see this. president chiu: it will just appear. there is. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i would like to talk about san francisco being the first digital city on the web. what i would like to share with you this afternoon is how san francisco can set the precedent, much as it has done with programs like data ssf, -- sf, where they opened up said the data. -- city data.
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smart phones and other devices are becoming ubiquitous. now the times you need to put into place and infrastructure that would allow people to be able to submit this data. right now, we have a lot of city information from ge special communities and others. apps are putting social and local information out there as well. digital globes are allowing people to get into three- dimensional environments and view cities as well. going one step beyond this, the building industry is working on building information models. they are creating detailed models of the buildings and structures going into cities. what i would like to point out is that your city is becoming a three the model.
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there are open standards in place. like the web, this will allow people to build these digital cities. from this, the possibilities are limitless. everything from simulations to showing people where they could film, and proposed parks and these sorts of things. people are going to be affected by that and can give feedback. president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i have come today to thank you for seven years of support for poems under the dome. it is friday, april 27. in honor of national poetry
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month, i would like to give you this poem. the city bus is a municipal confessional. strangers would confess, and you will listen, because life is interesting. struggles to get by. long lines you wait in and how little hope you can get. food stamps. losing another job. getting passed over for promotion again. and outlandish politics. no really -- outlandish politics. and how hard it is to believe the truth of our times, as reality gets stranger and stranger. danger and more danger. strangers confess, and you will listen because life is interesting. the city bus is a municipal confessional. have the national poetry month. and thank you again for your support of poems under the dome. president chiu: thank you very much.
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next speaker. if you want to just hold on a second, we will turn on that microphone. it should be live now. >> south beach apartments. a small light diversion. 1999, the earthquake, do you remember where you were living and how many places you have called home since then? in 1998, deland's the street, bayside village, and south beach marina apartments were opened. in august, south beach open. i moved in in december. previously, 10 years ago, my rent went up 8%, the next year
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10%. this year, it went up 9.5%. i said it was not good for the neighborhood, for the city, for the democracy. the 17% increase in rent? what family can afford that? in my precinct, 652 registered voters exist. in the last election, 48 voted, 7.4%. i said it was not good for democracy. if this city is a set of teeth, my neighborhood has a cavity. this is 35 years of no rent control. this is what deregulation has done. a market rate home is not a home. the market rate apartment is not a home. it is a vehicle for investors to make dollars. no regulations -- some people
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say it is better. some doctors use to say that cigarette smoking caused no harm. it is time for new direction. why not vote? if you vote, you are entitled to rent control equalling the cost of living. creating homes for involved citizens, versus shareholder profits. my neighborhood, our city, has a cavity. we need attention. we need to favor homes and people, and not market rate payers -- rate-players or speculators. president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have lived in san francisco for 60 years. i want to thank the ethics commission for yesterday's broadcast on tv.
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all of us studied everything very closely during dinner yesterday. very informative meeting. i would like to pose the question -- which two supervisors should have been investigated, but still have not done by the ethics commission? you guys can talk about it all you want. secondly, i'd like to remind everybody present that it took a long time for a look upon to get arrested. i would suggest that when you have free time, you should look up the old tv series "the untouchables." you can figure out what i am trying to hint at. for the record, why it does audit and oversight keep canceling their meetings? i have a suspicion that something is being hidden by that committee. anytime you get three lawyers, better watch out. secondly, i would like to issue,
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for the record, a request for monkees. davy jones is not going away. issue the sympathy statement. do not take it out on the widow just because you do not like me. also, joseph will be exposed by your allies in the east. they are being respectful and letting you guys handle it, but sooner or later, you can only delay the inevitable, and they will have to expose their western counterparts and put you all in shame for ever for denying joseph, a dead man, his do. for the record, he died in 1999. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker.
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next speaker, please. please step up. >> last week, i wrote this body a letter. i did not mail the letter. i have this letter in my hand. it was written the day that chalk went to the arms of jesus, saturday, april 21, 2012. i would like to redo that letter. dear members of the board of supervisors, let every soul be subject to the higher powers, because there is no power but of god. the powers that be are ordained of god. who resists the power to resist the ordinance of god. those that resist shall receive the nation. will the not be afraid of the power and do that which is good? i shall pray for the same. for he is the minister of god
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for good. xiii. read the bible. sincerely in christ. you are a minister of god. i look around here. ministers of god. that is what the bible says. in the book of deuteronomy, the king was told to read the bible. he was told to read the bible every day. and even to write the whole bible himself, so that he would know who to kill and who to leave alone. everyone of you is pro- homosexual. you are saying that is a good thing, it is a good thing to be homosexual. in the old testament, you would be executed for being a
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homosexual or a river and so on. you are promoting this. but god says you are a minister of god. when solomon dedicated the temple, he prayed. president chiu: thank you very much. let's hear from our next speaker. can we hear from our next speaker? are there any more speakers to export if folks could please step up. >> excuse me. i would like to speak on an item that i believe is up for proposal about benefit corporations in the city and county of san francisco. the item pertains to the third party -- president chiu: we have already considered this item. there was public comment at a number of commission hearings as well as three meetings here.
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under our board rules, this is not the appropriate public comment period for legislation we have already voted on. >> i would like to make a comment on the topic, if i could. president chiu: if you would like to speak broadly about the topic but not the legislation, that is fine. >> benefit corporations have been highly valuable. i thank you for your attention on the matter. i would be glad to know that specifics are offered to what is codified and prepared for action. thanks for your time, and i hope to see some good work on benefit corporations in california and san francisco. president chiu: thank you very much. if there are other members of the public who wish to speak, please line up on the right hand side of the audience. >> ladies and gentlemen of the board,


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